Will iPhone 13 Pro / Max Models Case Fit to iPhone 14 / Plus / Pro / 14 Pro Max

by Cases Villa on Sep 06, 2022

Will iPhone 13 Pro / Max Models Case Fit to iPhone 14 / Plus / Pro / 14 Pro Max

As we all know Apple Event is going to go live on 9th September 2022, every apple fan is excited for the same. Many people are having a question that whether their old iPhone 13 Model case will fit the respective iPhone 14 Model. This year we all know that the 13 mini is going to be discontinued. We are going to have 2 models in 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch respectively.

Those are expected to be named as iPhone 14 (6.1 inch), iPhone 14 Plus (6.7 inch), iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inch) & iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7 inch).

The camera of the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max is bit larger and the camera bump is increased in the new iPhone 14 models compared to the camera of iPhone 13 models. The buttons of the new iPhone 14 models are expected to be not in the same position when compared to 13 models. Even though the dimensions of the new iPhone are same, still your old Case / Cover of 13 model won’t fit perfectly to the new iPhone 14 models. 

Talking about the 14 & 14 Plus Series, it is going to be the same situation as of 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max i.e. the case old case will not fit the new iPhone 14 models.

​​You can check out the full video below, which shows the process of trying to install the iPhone 13 cases on each iPhone 14 model. You can learn more about the iPhone 14 Pro Max.